Paid Collection of Creative Ideas for Shopping Mall

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Our company is preparing to build a large-scale shopping mall in China. We sincerely invite college and university students, as well as their young friends, to participate in the planning and design. We are accepting suggestions on spatial function planning and mall layout, to provide innovative and creative elements for the architectural planning and design of the entire mall. Ways to provide creativity: written description, reference pictures, submit drawings, voice dictation, face-face discussion and more. You can offer single piece of advice or a mix of ideas, (as long as they stand out). 


       If your ideas are chosen, monetary rewards ranging from $100-$10,000 can be received. You will also receive recognition by featuring your ideas in the history of the mall; stand out students will be highlighted in a hallway with a display showing their face and contributions. Become a permanent part of the team in the future if things run smoothly and showcase your style and accomplishments to future employers as well.


Our company welcomes young people who are interested in the management or development of shopping malls to join the construction and operations team!


Basic Information of Large ShoppingMall

Location: Erdao District, Changchun City, Jinlin province, China.

Lane size:55811 square meters.
Mall building scale: 202,257 square meters of business areaincl.part of Basement 2, and B1 up to the 6thfloor. Notincluded hotel andapartment that begin on7thfloor
Parking lot: 108855 square meters,sharedwith attached hoteland apartment
Building planning: In Progress
Construction time start from: Expected summer 2020
Main customers: General, middle income and white-collar workers, students, family, friends gathering place and tourists



Collect Content

(You can choose the type and answer the following questions. You can study one question deeply and thoroughly, or you can answer all of them and send your opinions to the preparatory department of our shopping mall:王阅wangyue@takfi.comor2649950276@qq.comWeChat86-15044035033; WhatsApp86-15044035033; Face book: Helenyounger wang )

You do not need to consider for Hotel and Apartment.

1.     Overall Mall Concept:

a.     What "theme" do you think should be defined for the whole mall?

b.     In addition to the overall “theme,” spaces can be on each floor individually or parts of a shared space. What are some suggestions for each floor or smaller areasspace in the mall?

c.     Other suggestions and comments

2.     Shopping Mall Atriums:

d.     What should the open atrium areas in a mall be shaped like? Explain

e.     What are some creative ways to do promotional and day-day activities in these spaces? What special features can be included?

f.       What features should be chosen when considering atmosphere:

g)What hardware should be used with electronic features such as audio, visual, projections, displays and lights?
h) What materials should be chosen?
i)What style and what decorations should be in the atrium?
j) How can we create a multi-function area here that can be converted into a shared stage form?

k) What are some unique ways to incorporate visual aids?

l) How can we utilize the space in the open area to its fullest potential? 

m) Tone of the space and feel for consumers? 

n) Do you have any reference pictures? 

o) If there are software issues, (ex. Mobile app) what function do you want to achieve? 

p) Other comments and ideas?

3.     Flow and Atmosphere:

According to each floor and the general rectangular footprint of the mall, in what ways can you combine your ideaswith a layout that flows and creates a theme which is evident in all aspects of the mall?

q) Please suggest how to improve and maintain a successful passenger flow through the mall.

r) How can we ensure that the path through the mall is interesting, has linear curvature, decorations, style, lighting and positive ambience? Be specific

s) How can we utilize new technologies to improve customers experience, ex.what are the functions of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of things? What value does it bring to customers?


4.What shapes, effects and signage should be used on the facade of the shopping mall to attract customers' attention? How many entrances should there be? How many atrium or shared public spaces?


5.The spatial form of the outdoor plaza and what structures and objects are placed to attract people?

6.With safety in mind, how can we ensure fire plan or emergency procedures will work? How can we ensure operations go smoothly behind the scenes? 


7.What features will attract customers to the mall? What can be done to attract customers to spend more time in the mall? What types of events or performances attract customers?


8.What type of promotional mini-shows will be introduced to hold attention?

9.What types of business can be introduced for the large and deep space utilization?  To clarify, how do we ensure there is absolutely no wasted space – like at the top or bottom of an escalator – and how do we organize shops in the floor plan, so that services like makeup and massage have privacy.


10.What kind of publicity and promotion do you think is most attractive? What can we use on the day-day basis? What could be featured as special events on weekends and how do we plan to promote special holiday occasions? 


11.What are some ways to attract visitors for special occasions or off peak hours?


12. What attractions and games could be included?Ex. Virtual reality, amusement park rides or ziplining inside the mall?


13.Which merchants and main stores do you think must be introduced into the mall?


14.How do we increase the frequency of repeat customers to the mall?


15.What technology is used to collect customer data?


16.The best food and beverage planning and layout in the mall? What types of food and beverage are the most attractive to customers?


17. What are characteristics of cinema development and design to be discussed?


18.What types of “web celebrity”should be introduced? What are the spatial forms and activities of web celebrity stores in the mall to help with celebrity endorsement and an opportunity to meet their fans in person?


19.Which locations in the mall do you think can be used, and specifically how, as revenue-generating advertising? (Ex. space by escalators, columns, AI)


20.What children's programs will be introduction?


21.What recreational projects will be introduced and combined to provide entertainment?


22.What silly mistakes must you avoid? For example, how to avoid dark lighting or wasted spaces like many small atriums, or too many of one type of shop,


23.Please plan the layout plan of each floor?

(Please refer to the floor plan of each shopping mall or visit other shopping malls, and then put forward your idea. If you are not familiar with the fire code, please arrange the stairs, vertical elevators and electric stairs according to your idea.)

24.Is there anything you think a mall should have that almost no other mall has?For example, there are some arcades or food court areas, but what could be new and innovative features like this could be popular?

25.What is the name of the mall according to its theme?

26.How to set up shop membership plans?

27.How do you improve shopping fun in shopping malls?

28. Other Suggestions?


Please submit your ideas and suggestions before November 1, 2019


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